Thursday, January 22, 2009

Ah. I've been scanning in all my comic strips from college, lest a fire or rampant dinosaur attack destroy these memories forever. I've come to find many a suspicion confirmed: They are "Not my best work:" 
That is one I can at least tolerate. I remember that particular strip as being one of my favorites of that year (My freshman.) Julia Child once said something to the extent that one should never
 critique one's own cooking when serving up a dish to guests. In that spirit, the above comic is provided without comment towards quality...but perhaps some explanation to content could serve as a chaser, no?
The comic is called "The Adventures of Chip & Rip," and it still continues today. Here is a strip from a few months back I was particularly proud of:
Rip is an alien inventor with a yellow trapezoid for a head. Chip is a strange green robot he found in space. They have been best friends and joke sparring partners though countless adventures ever since I was nine years old.
I'll post more Chip and Rip strips from the past and present, and I hope you will excuse me if I do not post any from the future. Just as my past strips make my current efforts seem all the more skillful, future strips would surely shame me into an early retirement...thus cancelling themselves out and destroying the world in a time paradox.
STILL, check out current comic strips and artwork from my flickr account:


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