Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Greetings, 2015!

I AWAKEN from my SLUMBER with a burning need to ENTERTAIN! In my sleep I had a fevered dream, I saw the mutants of the American Wasteland cannibalize each other out of boredom! ALL Mutants should be FRIENDS! Unite against your REAL ENEMY, the passion thief known as TIME!

In an effort to be more diverting, and in turn stoke the fires of my own creativity, I shall plumb the depths of past endeavors to find the treasures sunken below! Behold!

This is the cover to my wife's publishing debut, which she politely asked me to design and illustrate. The concept took some brainstorming, and the artwork went through some revisions, with art direction and tinkering by both David "Boone" Pietrandrea and Josh "Mod Hero" Siegel.

You can purchase this fine literary tome here, and although I may be biased, I think it is an excellent read!

This was the first work I have ever done completely digital, with all elements being created in photoshop. After completing, I wished I had done it in illustrator, but we live, we learn.


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